Artists collaborate through the mail in Greenly Art Space’s new show

“Transmission” is a mixed media work of art by Kelley Bell of New York and Kathleen Quillian of Oakland, California. Kathleen Quillian

Each work of art in the newest exhibit at Greenly Art Space in Signal Hill represents a collaboration between artists.

Greenly Art Space will host a virtual opening for the USPS Art Project over Zoom on Saturday, April 24 at 4 p.m.

The project was first organized by New York–based artist Christina Massey in April of 2020, with the goals of encouraging artists to work together and supporting the United States Postal Service. 

Baking and Frosting” is a mixed media art work by Shira Toren of Long Beach, California and Beth Dary New York City 

An artist would begin each piece before mailing it through the USPS to another artist who then completed the work.

Since October 2020, hundreds of artists have teamed up to create thousands of works of art for the project.

The project has been showcased in exhibits across the country, including in New Haven, Connecticut; Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Artists who partnered up for the project were often working with completely different mediums, including sculpture, painting, drawing, mixed media, fiber art and more.

Photographer Parvathi Kumar worked with three other artists to make three separate works that combine her photographs with other mediums such as fused glass, ink and fabric art.

“I am involved in art because it nourishes the soul and is of the soul. I cannot imagine not having music, dance and the visual arts in my life. So long as I am able, I will continue to create, express and share with the world,” Kumar said. 

Some of the pieces are generational works, that both parents and their children contributed to.

“When my daughter, Robin, asked me to contribute to this project, I was enthralled and immediately sent her a painting. I loved what she did with my doodle. She turned it into a real piece of art!” Elsie Glassman said in a statement.

Multiple Long Beach artists are involved in the project, including Stephanie Han, Sandra Carter and Ketzie Diaz.

Viewers can register for the virtual opening of USPS Art Project at Greenly Art Space through Eventbrite. The online event will feature interviews with artists, a tour of the exhibit, videos of the curation process, as well as time for participants to ask questions about the art.

“Lush” by Ketzie Diaz of Long Beach and Therese Moriarty. This mixed media art work will be displayed at the USPS Art Project Exhibit at Greenly Art Space. (Courtesy of Greenly Art Space)

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