Letter to the Editor: Addressing Signal Hill speeding concerns

Hill Street, West of Cherry Avenue.

To the Editor,

To put it frankly, Hill St. just west of Cherry Ave. is a speedway. For years now I’ve been witness to a daily onslaught of HUNDREDS of irresponsible drivers traversing through a PARK, PLAYGROUND, COMMUNITY CENTER, SCHOOL, and RESIDENTAL street. And every time I send in a complaint by using your city’s website, it gets routed to a police representative and nothing happens (other than maybe once a speed monitoring trailer being set for a couple of days). This two lane residential road, with pedestrians, driveways, and parking on both sides is being ignored. The permitted 30 MPH zone on a steep decline with NO enforcement or monitoring is frustrating to witness. The neighborhoods in the Signal Hill/Long Beach have many areas with a 25 MPH speed limit set, even on 4-LANE ROADS (example Stearns St), and yet the 2-lane Hill St. is unchanged and unmonitored, when once again, it is a PARK, PLAYGROUND, COMMUNITY CENTER, SCHOOL, and RESIDENTAL neighborhood.

I’ve seen proposals to “develop” community friendly living up by Mothers Market, and yet those who live right next to an existing park, and the CITY HALL, can barely cross the street without fear of being ran over! Would speed inhibitor(s) bankrupt the city? Would adding a speed inhibitor and reducing the speed limit (and enforcing it regularly) cause unbearable traffic? No. It wouldn’t. So, I ask you, with a footprint of 2.189 mi², why is this street I live off of not a concern to you?

I could go on about how during times when things are “normal” and seeing 20-40 children walking from the elementary school to the park after school program with cars flying by at 40+ MPH, but I hope you have gotten the point. This street is dangerous and is only awaiting a serious accident.

Michael Boudreau
Signal Hill Resident

P.S. This does not even address the speeding of full on semi-tractor-trailers and other warehouse trucks that also cut through, which again, is absurd for a residential street. Please consider adding a designation for Hill St. to be not a trucking route.

  1. In regards to Mr. Boudreau’s comments I am in complete agreement however this speeding problem is happening all over Signal Hill and Long Beach with little or no law enforcement monitoring and enforcing speed limits. Since the beginning of the pandemic motorists from both cities have taken to speed through residential neighborhoods , run traffic lights and fail to yield to pedestrians or bicyclists. As a delivery driver when I have seen too many careless and reckless drivers and have had many near misses of traffic collisions its infuriating and shocking . Something must be done to ensure the safety of residents and site those who continue to violate the law and have no sense of responsibility.

  2. I agree whole heartedly. Thank you for writing this letter. I am willing to help convince city hall that something needs to be done.

  3. I lived right there in the picture two doors down from the corner and I can hear them racing up and down all hours day or night. Even heard a few car crashes and I almost got taken out myself from people not fallowing the posted speed limits. Something needs to be done before someone gets killed.

  4. The samething happened at 21st and Junipero. They either gunned it going down or up to and from PCH. Speeders can’t do it now as they ones off PCH. It took years of filing complaints. As you stated the PD would put the trailer out for a few days or a offier for a few hours now and then. I was fortunate that a city worker lived on my street. And that’s why Junipero finally got shut off from PCH traffic.
    Good luck on your issue.

  5. I have lived in Signal Hill for over 35 years and have worked in the city for 20. I have seen many changes. I whole heartily agree with you that something should be done. I also believe that since Covid 19, we also have more foot traffic. Those who are walking the hill on Hill St. Should take off their head phones and be more mindful of what they are doing. Many times I’ve almost hit someone because they step out in front of me eventhough I have made my legal stop.
    If we are going to blame anyone, blame the State government and those who voted for them, for they are the ones cutting funding for our cities and much needed police department.

  6. Automobiles, vehicles to be driven on the public roads, should only be for DRIVING to and from your residents, that’s it! Why are there so many LOUD MUFFLERS, LOUD NOISE/BASS/RAP/MUSIC naturally invading my home, my air space? When did I, as a resident, constituent, homeowner lose all my rights for my air noise to be infiltrated 24/7? Why are the police department not citing for these law breakers? If I were Mayor of a city 2.2 sq. mi., supporting my police department would be priority. Why not only have a checkpoint for drunk driving, but for citations!! All modified vehicles of any kind is cited and corrected. There is NO fix it ticket, because NO ALTERATION from a Manufactured vehicles, by our laws, can be modified. We are all ADULTS when we start driving and that should also include your rights and the LAWS!! Make all licensed drives accountable for decisions unlawfully made and cited!!
    Speed, texting, talking on the phone, loud noise are ALL DISTRACTIONS from DRIVING! Prevent mindless accidents, JUST DRIVE!

  7. I have always thought that the addition of a three-way stop at Hill St. and Rose Ave. was something worth considering. It would alleviate speeding along that stretch of Hill St. and also provide a safe crossing for those that wanted to access the community center and park.

  8. The City of Signal Hill has been EXTREMELY negligent and unresponsive to this issues in Hill. Given the parks, housing, and schools, he city should slow traffic down between Hill all the way down to 20th, between Cherry and Walnut. Slowing traffic does not mean NO circulation, it just means drivers will find alternate routes to get into Long Beach. This is a time bomb as the neighborhood I am describing has increased space for housing, parks, and schools with absolutely NO adjustment to circulation.

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