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First off I’d like to thank all our readers for their continuous support as always.

Social media engagement in particular, whether it be a follow, like, share, comment, or re-post, is always greatly appreciated by our writers and editors here. The interactions are never glazed over, comments are particularly some of our favorites, we’ll screenshot them and share them with the rest of our small team and you have no idea the burst of joy they actually give us. It’s truly that kind of support that motivates us to keep going.

I’d also like to specifically thank our readers for the amazing response to our previous Signal Tribune Holiday Gift Guide. You can check it out on our website if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

Our reasons for creating that list of small local businesses was simply to encourage our community to buy local and remind others to support small businesses in our community.

By shopping from a small businesses like the ones we provided on the list and the dozens of others within our city, you are supporting a localist economy and putting that same money back into your community rather than giving it to big multi-millionaire or even billionaire corporations such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and many others.

Especially because of the current pandemic, with no federal aid coming in, the survival of small business depends on our local communities more than ever. Big chain stores and corporations have reported huge profits, while many small businesses have struggled, some even closing down.

The Signal Tribune is also a small business who has fallen on hard times because of the current pandemic.

If you would like to support us, you can buy a monthly or yearly subscription to our weekly community-based newspaper.

We understand times are financially hard so at no financial cost to you, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter. You can also support us for free by following us and engaging with us on our social media platforms: @SignalTribune on Instagram and Twitter and finding us on Facebook as The Signal Tribune.

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