Man’s conviction upheld against murder of LBCC nursing student, mother of three

Kenia Buckner was gunned down by her ex-boyfriend Antowan Parker in January of 2017. His conviction of murder and sentencing of 93 years to life was upheld by an appellate court today. Photo from Kenia Buckner’s 2017 GoFundMe page.

A state appeals court panel today upheld Antowan Parker’s conviction for gunning down Kenia Buckner, his ex-girlfriend and mother of three children.

The shooting took place in Buckner’s Bellflower apartment on Jan. 16, 2017. According to Deputy District Attorney Steven Schreiner, Parker entered the apartment and “told everyone to back off” before pointing a gun and shooting the 31-year-old victim six times.

The couple’s 9-year-old daughter heard screaming, went upstairs, looked through a window and witnessed the shooting, the prosecutor said.

At the time, Buckner was a nursing student at Long Beach City College. In an article by Viking News, a fellow student described her as a “beautiful, hard working spirit.”

The three-justice panel from California’s 2nd district Court of Appeal found “overwhelming” evidence of Parker’s guilt in the killing.

“Multiple witnesses saw Parker shoot and kill Buckner before walking away. Parker apologized to his son after the murder and disposed of the weapon in his son’s presence,” the appellate court panel noted in its 14-page ruling.

Jurors also found true an allegation that Parker personally and intentionally discharged a firearm.

Parker was convicted in a 2010 burglary at the Long Beach apartment where Buckner lived seven years to the day before the killing. He was at-large until his arrest about three months later, Schreiner said.

Authorities believe the killing was motivated by jealousy after Buckner, with whom Parker had an off-and-on relationship, developed a relationship with another man, according to the deputy district attorney.

Parker was sentenced in May 2019 to 93 years to life in state prison.

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  1. Why is he trying to get an appeal and he havent even served enough time for an appeal. This kids are growing up with out parents because of his actions
    Stop it.. he deserve to pay for his actions.
    Our lives will never be the same
    Although I forgive him for his actions he still must pay for what he did..

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