Coronavirus cases in Long Beach jump to 5859

Image of coronavirus cell

In the most recent COVID-19 live stream, Long Beach City officials discuss the latest number of coronavirus cases, community spread and closing businesses.

On Tuesday, July 14, Mayor Robert Garcia announced that 5859 residents have tested positive for the coronavirus, an increase of 230 since yesterday.

The mayor also announced that there had been 151 deaths due to the disease since the beginning of the pandemic.

“151 [people] is more than we lose over many years just to gun violence alone, and we’ve lost them in just a few months,” Garcia said. “So, that shows you the seriousness of the virus and the pandemic that we have in front of us and in our future.”

The mayor also announced that his mother and step-father have tested positive for COVID-19, and are currently hospitalized in serious but stable conditions.

In his comments, Garcia thanked the healthcare workers for providing his family care and stated that he would prioritize the vulnerable and lead with compassion as the pandemic goes on.

Community Spread
During the live stream, Kelly Colopy, Director of Health and Human Services, stated that the City is seeing more community spread and a surge of coronavirus cases in Long Beach among younger residents.

“More people under the age of 30 are continuing to test positive,” said Colopy. One-third of cases are now under the age of 30 compared to less than 15% early on.”

The City also sees an increase in cases among residents between the ages of 40-59 who make up the most substantial hospitalizations.

Colopy reminded residents that despite loosen restrictions, they should not be traveling to meet people and avoid people outside of their household.

In the live stream, Garcia discussed many of the businesses that are required to close due to a mandate issued by Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday.

Newsom ordered the closing of non-essential businesses after the recent spike in coronavirus cases across Southern California.

Under the new closures, tattoo parlors, barbers and stylists, nail salons, dine-in restaurants, and more will be forced to close again to stop the virus’s spread.

“The city of Long Beach has had the slowest and most cautious reopening schedule of any city in the region, and in fact of any city in most of Southern California, but even with those closures and the pace that we took our positivity cases are going up,” said Garcia.

He also stated that the City is continuing to work with restaurants to expand outdoor dining and has fulfilled every request submitted.


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