Lena Gonzalez’ Broadband For All bill passes out of Senator floor

Senator Lena Gonzalez’s “Broadband For All” passed out of the Senate floor on Friday, June 26. The bill aims to bridge the digital divide in underserved communities.

33rd District Senator and former Long Beach Councilmember, Lena Gonzalez’s “Broadband For All” bill passed out of the Senate floor on Friday, June 26.

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The senator’s first bill, SB 1130, passed on a 30-9 vote.

The bill aims to bridge the digital divide by ensuring equal access to high speed, reliable and “open-access digital infrastructure” for rural and urban communities, according to Senator Gonzalez.

“I am thrilled that SB 1130 passed out of the Senate with bi-partisan support […],” Senator Gonzalez said in a written statement to the Signal Tribune. “The current development of broadband in our communities is happening at a slow pace with often outdated infrastructure.”

She continued, “This critical legislation will foster the development of future-proofed high-speed broadband projects throughout all parts of California including urban, suburban, and rural communities. SB 1130 seeks to provide high-speed internet to all Californians, and I am excited to continue moving this legislation forward in the Assembly.”

In an Instagram post announcing the bill’s passage out of the Senate floor, Senator Gonzalez reiterated her commitment to bridge the digital divide for Californian children in underserved areas.

“No California kid anywhere in underserved areas should have to settle for inadequate internet speeds, especially during this crisis where every family member is on a tech platform. And with telehealth on the rise for older Californians, even more reason,” she said.

The bill is currently sitting in the state Assembly.


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