Mandatory bar closures announced by Gov. Gavin Newson include Los Angeles County

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, California Gov. Gavin Newson announced the mandatory closure of bars in seven counties, including Los Angeles on Sunday, June 28, according to a press release.

Newson listed some of the reasons for the decision, including the potential for alcohol to reduce inhibition and impair judgment, challenges in being able to contact trace among those who go to bars, and the social nature of the establishments.

“From the beginning of our reopening process, I’ve said that we would be led by the facts,” Mayor Robert Garcia said. “I support the Governor’s decision to close bars in several counties in California, including here in L.A. County and Long Beach. We must continue to prioritize public health and safety.”

Mandatory bar closures went into effect at a minute after midnight on Monday, June 29. And will apply to brewpubs, craft distilleries, breweries, bars, pubs, wineries, and associated tasting rooms with no restaurant permit.

However, restaurants, brewpubs, breweries, bars, pubs, craft distilleries and wineries and associated tasting rooms with restaurant permits can still operate. The seated bar areas in these establishments however must stay closed and people are not permitted to gather in said bar area.

Throughout the nation and in the state of California, public health professionals named bars as “the highest risk sector of non-essential business currently open.”

A monitoring list for Counties has been started in California, which focuses on key COVID-19 indicators like positivity rate, case rate, stability of hospitalizations, and hospital surge capacity.
Any county that does not meet the criteria is put on the monitoring list. The following have been on the list for over 14 days and are currently required to close bars:

-Los Angeles
-San Joaquin

“Under the State guidelines for the reopening process, Long Beach, which has its own Health Department, is counted with Los Angeles County,” the press release stated. “However, even if the State considered Long Beach separately, Long Beach data would also place it on this mandated closure list.”

The state is also recommending the closure of bars in the following six counties, who have been in the monitoring list for more than three days but less than 14 but is not mandatory:

-San Bernardino
-Santa Barbara

If any businesses have questions regarding the mandatory closure, they may call the City of Long Beach’s business information line between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays at 562) 570-4-BIZ

  1. Not sure what your thinking. Your reasons for closing only bar’s. Is so not right.#1 alcohol to reduce inhibitions. People can drink anywhere go into grocery stores, beaches,, gym’s, pools, bike paths, massage polor,nail salon,baber shop.ect.#2 impair judgement again there’s a lot of that going on in this crazy world we live in. People socialize Evey way they go! #3 challenges in being able to contact trace. This one is laughable. The people inside know more of who, where to find a customer., Then any store,gym, beaches.ect yet we have been single out by the government! July 4th is Saturday,, the beaches stores, restaurants, gym’s,pools, Park’s,hair salon, bartender shop’s,spa’s, celebrating, independent’s day the land of the free..Bars will be closed. Why because their being dictate to. Our bars in Long Beach are not to blame for the spick, we all are aware what is. I haven’t worked in 110 days, no unemployment, no nothing, thank God I have saving. Then the green light to open came on. One happy lady over here. We opened on Sunday, your telling bars to close the next Sunday. Blame the protesting that started four weeks ago, the beaches, the stores pools ECT. All that have been open for longer than the bars. Really 8 days, than I’m sent to my room one more time, we did all the guidelines 8 days???? Your dictateing my life, my your making me having to do social security before I want to I voted for you thought you had it going on, at this time,not so much. You have totally discriminate against the bars

  2. This Gov gas lost his mind and admitted on live-air cute Freudian Slip to filibustering. I’m not wearing a damn mask and I’m not staying in this commie infested state on more month.

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