Long Beach coronavirus cases jump by 757 over a week, announces ‘Black Health Equity Initiative’

The most recent COVID-19 live stream, Long Beach City officials discussed the latest coronavirus cases, how it is helping the Black residents in Long Beach and the current state of reopening the City.

On Monday, June 29, Mayor Robert Garcia announced that 3799 Long Beach residents have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Garcia stated that even though 2700 patients have recovered, new cases have jumped by 757 since last Monday.

Additionally, the City is now reporting that 130 residents have died due to COVID-19.

“Even with Long Beach having the slowest and most cautious reopening cycle of any city, I believe in Southern California, what’s happening here and across the state is not enough to stop what’s happening with this virus,” Garcia said.

Garcia stated that he believes that many residents are not taking the virus seriously. He also noted that some businesses need to tighten their safety protocols and that the City needs to do more to make sure people are tested and informed.

Black Health Initiative
In the live stream, Mayor Garcia announced that the City would be introducing two new initiatives that will address the health crisis affecting Black residents in Long Beach.

As in other cities, Black residents are more likely to catch the disease and make up a disproportionate number of coronavirus-related deaths.

To fight this, the mayor announced a new program called the Black Health Equity Initiative, which he described as the start to Long Beach being better.

“The Black Health Equity Initiative will be a million-dollar proposal to the City Council […] that will look at how we specifically target and support our neighbors and community members that need our help, and are dying at a faster rate,” said Garcia.

Additionally, Garcia announced a second initiative to help fund local community groups who are currently fighting the spread of COVID-19 across Long Beach.

The City will be setting aside $1 million out of the funding it receives from the State of California to help with COVID-19 recovery and will operate out of the Long Beach Health Department.

Opening Long Beach
As coronavirus cases begin to spike again, Mayor Garcia discussed how the increase affects the City’s plans to reopen.

As of yesterday, Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered that seven counties close all bars, including Long Beach.

“We know this is very difficult for the small business owners and the workers, and it’s it’s painful to have to make these decisions […], but it’s in the interest of public health and safety, and I support the governor’s actions,” Garcia said.

Garcia added that Long Beach is prepared for any potential rollbacks of its safer-at-home order and that the City still has its additional hospital capacity if needed.


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