City of Long Beach gains $40.5 million in funding from the State of California

On the latest COVID-19 live stream, City officials discussed the number of coronavirus cases in Long Beach, funding for the city, and safety tips as businesses begin to reopen.

On Monday, June 22, Mayor Robert Garcia announced that the number of coronavirus cases found in Long Beach is at 3042, with 2359 patients who have recovered.

Garcia also announced that 109 residents have died as a result of COVID-19.

The mayor also announced that he is expecting new data to allow officials to look at how the pandemic impacted hospitalization from the beginning to now. Garcia stated that he expects this information to be announced on Thursday.

Garcia also announced that the City would receive funding from the State of California to offset the coronavirus cost.

The mayor stated that the cost of testing and other health measures had had a significant impact on the City’s budget. Additionally, due to the mandatory shutdown of shops and hotels, Long Beach saw a drop in its tax revenue.

“Like every budget at the city, or the state, we’re going to have hard choices in the weeks and months ahead,” Garcia said.

However, the mayor announced that the State of California had approved $40.5 million in direct funding to the City of Long Beach.

“Early on, [we] reached out to Governor Newsom and shared that because of the size of our city, which was just shy of 500,000, we have been left out of the Federal Cures Act,” Garcia said. “And so, he asked for direct funding for CARES Act money in his budget.

Long Beach will be the largest city in California to receive the CARES Act. The budget still needs to be passed by the state legislature, but Garcia stated he expects it to be approved by the end of the week.

The mayor also announced that the County of Los Angeles would also provide $13 million in additional funding for Long Beach.

“This funding will put to good use to pay for the tests that are in the field, for services for our community that has been affected by COVID-19, critical health department needs around COVID,” Garcia said.

“As well as programs that we’re going to put in place over the next few weeks and months ahead to ensure that the economic impact that we are feeling will be dealt with in a way that’s supportive of the community and centers public health.”

Mayor Garcia announced that on Friday, June 26, the City would allow tattoo shops, massage parlors and other personal grooming businesses to reopen with safety modification.

Over the weekend, the City allowed more businesses to begin opening across Long Beach, including bars, wineries and nail salons.

Garcia stated that the City sent enforcement teams to a total of 52 businesses over the weekend regarding proper safety measures. This included 17 bars, nine nail salons and a combination of retail shops and markets.

The mayor stated that the City is more focused on providing “education” so that businesses understand the new safety measures and that enforcement teams only handed out a few citations.

“As a reminder, you believe there’s a violation of the health order, you can call (562) 570-2633, or you can visit,” said Garcia.

The mayor also announced that the City launched its Open Streets Initiative over the weekend. The program opened up 12 parklets for restaurants to provide outdoor dining to customers.


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