City of Long Beach to provide very limited face shields to bars, restaurants and personal care businesses from now until Sunday

Today and this weekend, the City of Long Beach will be providing free face shields to bars, restaurants and personal care businesses within the city to allow them to open this weekend even if they do not have immediate access to the required supplies.

Bar, restaurant and personal care establishment representatives can pick up face shields in the parking lot of Long Beach Fire Department Headquarters located at 3205 Lakewood Blvd. Shields are limited to 20 per establishment, and will be offered on a first come, first served basis until supplies are no longer available. Representatives will need to provide their name and the business name.

Face shields can be picked up at the following times:

Friday, June 19, from 1pm – 4pm
Saturday, June 20, from 9am – 12 noon
Sunday, June 21, from 9am – 12 noon

The City’s amended health order, which goes into effect Friday, June 19, requires that customer wear face shields when entering and walking through bars and wineries. Waitstaff and bartenders must wear face coverings and face shields when serving customers who are not wearing face coverings. Servers who are working indoors must wear both face shields and face coverings.

Some personal care services such as some salons will be allowed to reopen on June 26. Workers must wear a face shield whenever a service requires a customer to remove their face covering.


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