City of Long Beach announces Drive-In Dining Guidelines

The City of Long Beach has announced it is now allowing its restaurants to offer a drive-in dining option according to a press release.

Most restaurants will have the ability to begin offering the drive-in dining option without any additional City approvals, but some will need a Special Event Occasional Permit (OEP).

The press release states restaurants will not be allowed to serve customers any alcohol while dining in their cars.

Additionally, congregating outside of vehicles will not be permitted. The only exception to this regulation is for live performances, music and on-site entertainment. Individuals must remain in their cars and must practice physical distancing.

City approval is not needed if:

– Service is offered from the restaurant’s existing parking lot.
– Orders are taken at the car, online or by phone.
– Food is consumed in the car or taken home.

Special Event Occasional Permit (OEP) needed if

– Parking areas are reconfigured.
– Additional seating is installed.
– Off-site public or private property is being used.
– On-site entertainment is offered. (Note: Live performances are not allowed at this time.)

For any questions about the City’s Drive-In Dining Guidelines, contact the Vendor Task Force at 562-570-2633

To apply for a Special Event Occasional Permit, visit: or contact Long Beach Special Events and Filming at 562-570-5333.


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