City Manager appoints Linda F. Tatum as Assistant City Manager

Linda F. Tatum has been appointed assistant city manager by City Manager Tom Modica. The City Council is set to confirm the appointment at one of its next meetings.

Long Beach City Manager Tom Modica announced the appointment of Linda F. Tatum as assistant city manager on Thursday, June 11 according to a press release from the City.

The appointment came following a recruitment and interview process with a number of candidates. Up next, the City Council will consider the confirmation of Tatum’s appointment at a future meeting.

“Linda has been at the forefront of building great neighborhoods and places in our city that provides a high quality of life and support the diverse needs of our community,” Modica said in the press release. “Linda’s wealth of knowledge and thoughtful approach to leadership will help us navigate through challenging times and turn them into opportunity for our residents, businesses and workers.”

As assistant city manager, Tatum will support the city manager and other tasks within the Office of the City Manager, the press release stated. In the event of absence or disability of the city manager, Tatum would have the power to perform the duties of the city manager, per the City Charter.

Tatum is the Director of Development Services for the City of Long Beach. There she supervises Planning, Building Safety, Code Enforcement, Housing and Neighborhood Services and the Long Beach Community Investment Corporation (LBCIC). The latter “provides funding for affordable housing development in the community,” according to the press release.

Some of the major accomplishments during Tatum’s time in the Development Services department include:

-Funding of hundreds of new affordable housing units throughout the city, through the LBCIC.

-Unprecedented level of new development in Downtown Long Beach, including mixed-use development and thousands of residential units, hotel rooms and commercial spaces.

-City Council approval of the updated Land Use Element and Urban Design Elements which will guide the city’s physical development over the next 20 years.

-Planning, entitlement and construction of the new Civic Center and entitlement of the private mid-block development.

-Update to the Historic Preservation ordinance and restart of the City’s historic landmark designation and Mills Act contracts.

-Development of new Midtown and Southeast Area Specific Plans.

-Studies and plans for reuse of the former Boeing C-17 site as the Globemaster Corridor Specific Plan.

“During my five years as part of the Long Beach family, I have seen how much can be accomplished when there is strong leadership and a dedicated team working together,” Tatum said in the press release. “I am excited for this opportunity to serve the City of Long Beach in the capacity of Assistant City Manager, and know that with community collaboration, hard work and sacrifice we can work through and overcome our current challenges and continue to build a great city.”

Tatum has a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning and over 30 years of private and public sector planning experience.

She began working with the City of Long Beach in 2015 as the Planning Bureau Manager and was appointed Director of Development Services three years later in 2018.

Tatum served as the Acting Director of Economic and Community Development and Planning Manager for Inglewood before working for the City of Long Beach. In that capacity, she managed the redevelopment of the Forum and Hollywood Park Tomorrow project. The press release states that this was a 300-acre mixed-use project that included 3,000 residential units, 30 acres of parks, 600,000 square feet of retail and a new 80,000 seat football stadium and arena.

The new appointee has also served in Culver City and Santa Ana.

The press release stated that Rebecca Guzman Garner, who filled in as acting assistant city manager was not a candidate for the position filled by Tatum.

“I’d like to thank Becky for stepping up and doing a notable job during this time of transition,” Modica said in the press release. “She has been a tremendous help, especially as we work through these challenging times.”

Modica is expecting to announce other appointments to a number of key City positions as early as next week.


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