Garcia announces a new tenant assistance program for workers impacted by COVID-19

On the latest COVID-19 live stream, Long Beach City officials discussed the newest number of coronavirus cases, reopening Long Beach, tenant assistance and street sweeping tickets. 

On Wednesday, June 10, Mayor Robert Garcia announced that there have now been 2,436 cases of the coronavirus in Long Beach, with 1,785 recoveries. 

While Garcia stated most residents are recovering from the disease, he also announced that the number of deaths due to the coronavirus is at 103. 

“I often read or see folks minimize the seriousness of COVID-19, Garcia said. “And I think anytime you lose 103 of our residents and neighbors, especially many of their most inner vulnerable community, that’s a serious issue that we should take seriously and have honest conversations about as we move forward.” 

Tenant Assistance
Garcia announced the City is developing a new tenant assistance program that will help renters who have been impacted by the coronavirus. 

The new program will offer up to $1,000 for three months for tenants who have lost hours or have been laid off due to the health crisis. 

“There is an application process and a lottery-type system for these funds,” Garcia said. “The period you can apply to receive the thousand dollars a month for three months begins on June 22.” 

The mayor also stated more information would be available at in the coming days. 

Street Sweeping
The mayor also announced that the City would be extending the period that it will forgive street sweeping tickets to July 5. 

The forgiveness program was created after residents complained to the City about receiving tickets after the City Council lifted the moratorium on street sweeping. 

The suspension was a way for the City to provide relief to residents who were forced to stay home during the ongoing health crisis. 

The City Council decided to offer one-time ticket forgiveness to residents who may have been laid off or had their work hours reduced due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

“This entire time that we’ve been battling with COVID, it’s been our mission to try to provide economic support,” Garcia said. 

“Whether it’s been not shutting people’s water or gas off, giving people relief through lowering or eliminating fines, and also, dismissing street sweeping tickets, we’re happy to do that.”

Mayor Garcia also announced new amendments to the City’s safer-at-home order, which will allow for more businesses to open with restrictions. 

Garcia continued by stating that the new health order changes will align with health orders issued by the other 88 counties in the region.

One of the reasons the counties are working together is many residents travel for work, which can contribute to the spread of the disease. 

“If we don’t move as a region, it becomes problematic for us,” Garcia said. 

Under the new amendments, gyms, fitness centers, and swimming pools will be allowed to open as long as they follow safety guidelines, such as social distancing and wearing face masks. 

Residents are also allowed to host funerals under the new health order but at a reduced capacity. 

However, Garcia stated that some bars and family centers, such as bowling alleys, will not be allowed to reopen under the new health order. 

Tattoos shops, nail salons, massage parlors, and spas are not allowed to reopen yet. 


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