The Long Beach Police Department suspends use of carotid restraint

The Long Beach Police Department has issued a special order that suspends the use of the carotid restraint, which is outlined in the use of force policy, according to a press release on Wednesday, June 10.

LBPD claimed there is already a restriction in place for the use of chokeholds, which restrict airflow, “as a neck restraint to overcome resistance under any circumstances.” Furthermore, they claimed that the department has never allowed neck restraint using knees, legs or feet.

The department is updating its use of force policy language, effective immediately. The new language will ban any type of chokehold and at once suspend the use of the carotid restraint, which restricts blood flow.

“As part of this policy update, the department will gather, review, and evaluate regional data and science associated with the use of the carotid restraint as a control technique,” the press release stated.

“Our Department recognizes the community’s concern regarding this use of force application and we are responding to those concerns by taking action,” stated Chief of Police Robert G. Luna in the press release. “This is just the first of many steps that we will take to continue to build trust and create equity within the community we proudly serve.”

LBPD stated that it will resume searching for “proactive strategies” in order to lessen the overall use of force and determine more ways to reach peaceful solutions to conflict.

“We are committed to listening to you and working in partnership with you, our community, on solutions to reduce violence and enhance community safety,” the press release said.


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