Long Beach transit pausing online ticket sales, continuing advanced cleaning practices

Long Beach Transit is asking its customers to continue CDC recommended precautions to avoid furthering the spread of coronavirus, according to a June 4 press release by LBT.

All those riding on LBT trains and buses are still required to wear face coverings.

Only those requiring special assistance should enter through the front door, all other riders should enter through the rear door of the vehicle.

When onboard, riders should sit one seat and one row away from other passengers.

LBT will continue the advanced cleaning regimen it has been using since March 5. Disinfectants are being used on bus operator compartments, panels, doors, handrails, interior window frames, pull cords, seats, stanchions and fare collection devices.

LBT is also collaborating with the City of Long Beach and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to protect customer safety.

Beginning on May 3, LBT increased the amount of buses on some of its busier routes to prevent crowding and promote social distancing.

The Transit and Visitor Information Center in downtown Long Beach will be closed to visitors from Monday, June 1 to Friday, June 5.

LBT has paused the use of its online app, and tickets can no longer be purchased through it, in response to the pandemic.

The Hello LBT program allows customers to get transit updates through text. To sign up for Hello LBT, people can text “ HELLO ” to 833-545-0528.

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  1. Hello today 6/9/20 at approximately 4:45 I was waiting for at san antonio and cherry for the bus when the bus arrived I was shocked at how full the bus was ni social distancing and only 1/2 the persona were wearing face coverings I know you are all doing your best during this most inconvenient of times but when the woman in front of me not wearing a face covering started coughing and not even caring if she was spreading her germs or what ever maybe unintentionally trying to break all the basic covid 19 precautions I couldnt believe it! I use LBT to get to and from work I need LBT without your service I would be homeless living on the side of the freeway or something I really appreciated the no fare policy it has made a big difference to me thank you although I realize why the fare has been suspended but thank you all the same
    Another time last monday early like 8am i was riding out bound on the #121 and this bus was also full but most people were wearing face coverings.anyways thank you for hearing me.
    Michelle Sandoval = 562= 326=3664

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