Long Beach City Council cancels weekly council meeting in the wake of weekend protests

In response to the looting incidents across Long Beach on Sunday, May 31, the Long Beach City Council decided to postpone its weekly meeting. 

The councilmembers discussed the cancellation late Monday evening and decided to resume the meeting on Tuesday, June 9. 

In an e-mail response to the Signal Tribune, Ed Kamlan of the City’s Joint Information Center stated that the “June 2 City Council meeting was canceled to allow the City team to focus on issues associated with the civil unrest.”

He also added that the items for this week would likely be part of the meeting agenda for the June 9 meeting.

The looting that occurred on Sunday was separate from the peaceful protests that were organized after the death of George Floyd, an unresisting black man who was killed by the Minneapolis Police Department on May 25.  

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One of the districts hit hardest by the vandalism was District One, in the downtown Long Beach area, which is represented by Latina Councilmember Mary Zendejas. 

In a phone interview with the Signal Tribune, Zendejas confirmed that councilmembers decided to postpone the meeting due to the lack of uncertainty that followed Sunday’s events. 

In the aftermath of the protests, Zendejas’ office received a wave of phone calls from residents who were unhappy with what happened, including those who attended the protests.  

“I had a lot of people calling me from my district who were protesting [and] were so upset about what happened afterward because they felt that this beautiful protest was overshadowed by the bad things that happened later on that night,” Zendejas said.

To aid small businesses that were affected by the looting, Zendejas is working within her district to find ways to allocate grants and loans for businesses, hoping the Council can find a way to help as well. 

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“I really hope that we can help businesses that were looted and that we can work with our police department to ensure that we learn from this,” Zendejas said. So, that we can move forward from this and not let this happen in our city and better prepared for anything like this in the future. 


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