Garcia discusses latest coronavirus numbers and protests in Long Beach

On Wednesday, June 3, Mayor Robert Garcia announced that over 2000 cases of the coronavirus have been reported in Long Beach.

In the latest COVID-19 live stream, Long Beach officials discussed the latest number of cases and testing sites and how the recent protests contributed to the spread of the disease. 

Mayor Robert Garcia began the Wednesday, June 3, press conference by discussing the protests in Long Beach that occurred on Sunday, June 1. 

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In a statement, Garcia acknowledged the pain and outrage felt by many Americans over the death of George Floyd and stated that the country has a long way to go before reaching racial justice and equity.

He also described how the City of Long Beach has tried to enact new measures in the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) by focusing on de-escalation tactics, mental health and requiring body cameras.

“We’re proud of the progress of the Long Beach Police Department,” Garcia said. “But we still have a long way to go, not just here in Long Beach, but across the country. And not just in policing, but in every aspect of American life and our institutions.”

The mayor continued by stating that moving forward; he will be meeting with Black organizers, students and leaders in Long Beach to address the issues facing Long Beach. 

Also announced was the curfew for Long Beach residents that will be in effect from 9pm to 5am. 

Mayor Garcia also announced that the number of coronavirus cases in Long Beach is now over 2100, of which 1475 have made a full recovery. 

Additionally, the mayor added that the number of deaths in Long Beach from the coronavirus is now up to 92.

“In days, COVID-19 will have taken over 100 people from our city,” Garcia said. “100 residents, some of which are the most vulnerable in our community, and so, this is still a serious health issue, and will continue to be even more serious.”

Out of the 92 deaths, 70 of them have come out of long-term care facilities. 

The mayor announced that the City would be reopening all of its testing sites in Long Beach after closing all the locations, except for the test centers at St. Mary’s and Jordan Plus High School.

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The City has also seen a small uptick in the number of coronavirus cases as the City begins to reopen restaurants. 

The recent protests could also play a role in the disease spreading, but the City will not know until residents begin showing symptoms. 

“We’ve been opening other things throughout the week, and at the same time our protests started, so it’s going to be really interesting for me as your public health director to be able to watch those numbers and to begin to understand how we can address that,” Kelly Colopy, the director of the Health and Human Services Department said.

For residents who feel the need to venture out to join the protests, Colopy stated residents should travel with people from their households, wear face masks, maintain social distancing and carry hand sanitizer. 


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