Pedestrian killed in hit-and-run accident in Long Beach

A man police said was crawling across a street in Long Beach was fatally struck Sunday, May 17 by a hit-and-run motorist.

The man was crawling east and west across the number one and two lanes of northbound Pacific Avenue when he was struck by a white sedan, possibly a Nissan, that was traveling in the number one lane, the Long Beach Police Department reported.

“After the collision, the vehicle continues northbound (on) Pacific Avenue without stopping to render aid to the pedestrian and turns eastbound on Sixth Street,” police said.

Officers were dispatched at 3:54am to the scene at Pacific Avenue and Fifth Street. Paramedics also dispatched to the location rendered aid to the man lying in the number two lane of northbound traffic. They then rushed him to an area hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

Long Beach police collision investigation detectives urged anyone who witnessed the crash to call them at 562-570-7355.

  1. Why was he crawling? Was he drunk or on drugs?

    The driver might not have realized that he had hit a person.

    He might have thought he had hit a box.

    What fool would be crawling across a street in the dead of night.


  2. Yolanda, it seems that you never had to endure hardship in your life. What a blessing that must be! I’d like to inform you that this “fool” had been crawling for hours as stated by police who had previously visited him to take him out of the street. Is one life more than another? Do drinking and drugs justify a tragic death?? Why wasn’t he taken away from the street if he was most likely not sober? Why was he left to face a painful death? Regardless of whether or not the person thought they hit a box, there was a camera a few yards from where he was where the police had the ability to keep an eye on him had they thought his life was worth more than the alcohol and drugs he may or may not have have taken.

    Geo Silva

  3. This man happened to be my uncle. And while his life was faced with troubles, due to the neglect of the LBPD, he died in a hit and run accident. Since he is not a man of high status, his case will not be looked into further. The police had taken him out of the streets once already, but allowed him to continue to crawl through the early hours of the morning until he was finally killed. His death was labeled an accident, and the case was closed. What a shame.

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