Street sweeping parking enforcement to resume in Long Beach starting Monday, May 18

A street sweeping sign in Long Beach.

The City of Long Beach will resume issuing street sweeping tickets on Monday, May 18.

In many Long Beach neighborhoods, parked cars blocking street sweeping has led to an accumulation of sediment and debris which threatens the City’s ability to meet national clean waterway standards.

According to a press release from the City of Long Beach, street sweeping is a necessary health service as it collects thousands of tons of debris each year and prevent pollutants from washing into the ocean or rivers. Streets can only be effectively cleaned when cars are not in the way.

Department of Public Works employees began leaving reminders in English, Spanish, Khmer and Tagalog on vehicles that had not been moved for street sweeping on May 4.

Street sweeping ticket enforcement was halted for nine weeks during the coronavirus health emergency to aid residents who were sheltering in place at home.

The City of Long Beach also made over 4,000 parking spaces available across the city. To see a list of parking locations click here.


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