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Thank you…

As this week wraps up, I just wanted to express my gratitude toward the local community and readers of the Signal Tribune.

This week is my final week with the paper as its managing editor. It was an honor to command this paper’s talented group of reporters, and join the ranks of previous Tribune editors that can be traced back to the 1930s.

The role of managing editor will fall upon the capable hands of Lissette Mendoza, who I know will continue to provide local news coverage in a fair and thoughtful way.

Looking back, my time with the Tribune started under the leadership of Neena Strichart and Cory Bilicko almost four years ago; two individuals that I’ve had the pleasure to learn and grow from. I was brought onto the paper by my good friend Denny Cristales, who was an intern at the time and later became managing editor after Cory stepped down from the position.

If you recall, this isn’t my first “farewell” letter to you–– I wrote one before leaving on my college internship to work with NBC 4 and Telemundo news in Universal City last year. After four months with them, I returned to the Tribune, as managing editor, filled with new ways to update the paper. We grew our digital footprint and became a daily newspaper.

As for me, I’ve joined the Report for America corps group–– a nonprofit initiative to help newsrooms cover underserved communities. My task will be to focus on the North Long Beach region and cover stories there for the Long Beach Post.

To say that I’m starting a new job–– under the circumstances we find ourselves in–– is a blessing, and I’m truly humbled by the opportunity.

Thank you for sticking with us along the ride. Thank you for trusting us. I’ve grown so much as a person and reporter getting to know the community and the people that live and work in it.

I only ask that you continue to support the Tribune and the wonderful people that passionately make it happen here. We do have a support tab on our website where you can make a one-time donation for the amount that you please.

Stay healthy and safe out there!

All the best,

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  1. Sebastian, I have loved working with you.
    My chapter … 20 years running the Signal Tribune…ended when I retired in February.
    Your new chapter sounds exciting and is sure to enhance your outlook and opportunities. Thank you for being a great employee, office partner and friend.
    Love to you always … IT’S LIT!
    … Neena

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