Long Beach will reopen public spaces and small retailers 

On Wednesday, May 6, Mayor Robert Garcia announced that small retailers will be allowed to reopen on Friday with curbside pickup. Parks and beaches will reopen on Monday, May 11, with restrictions.

On the latest COVID-19 live stream, city officials discussed the number of new coronavirus cases in Long Beach, the next stages of restarting the economy and reopening the city’s parks and beaches. 


On Wednesday, May 6, the City officials announced that that 791 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in Long Beach. 

Dr. Anissa Davis also announced that the City is reporting a new death, bring the total number of deceased to 39. 

“The patient was a man in his 70s with underlying health conditions, and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones,” Davis said. 

In his comments, Mayor Robert Garcia also stated that the City had donated over 1.5 million pieces of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to hospitals, first responders and long term care facilities.

The City is also able to test over 1,000 patients a day and has tested over 12,000 people across Long Beach. 

Mayor Garcia announced that due to the lift on certain restrictions by the Governor, beaches, tennis centers, parking lots and parks in Long Beach will be open on Monday, May 11. 

However, the mayor stressed that residents will not be able to meet as groups and must continue to practice social distancing when in public. 

Swimming will also not be allowed when the beaches open. 

“I want to be also very clear, we will have strict enforcement, particularly on the beach with lifeguards and firefighters and police,” Garcia said. “If gathering begins to occur, or other actions that are unsafe and [residents] are not being distant, that enforcement will occur.”

Under the new guidelines, residents will be allowed to walk through the park and beaches, or bike. 

Garcia stated that the City chose Monday as the reopening date to give workers from the Parks and Recreation department time to sanitize restrooms at the parks and beaches. 

The mayor stated that other locations, such as libraries or cultural centers, are not yet able to open.

Still, the City hopes to have more information about when those locations can begin to serve the public in the coming weeks. 

Garcia also stated the City’s Health Department would be monitoring the data during this period to see if cases of coronavirus begin to spike. 

If this happens, the mayor said the City would respond accordingly and asked for support from the community by practicing proper social distancing techniques. 

Small Businesses 
Garcia announced that small retailers would be allowed to reopen starting Friday, May 8, under guidelines issued by Governor Gavin Newsom. 

Under the new guidelines, small businesses will be allowed to reopen, but only with curbside pickup and with proper health precautions. Such as social distancing and face masks. 

“It’s important to note that the state is not allowing in-store shopping and retail, Garcia said. “So, even if Long Beach wanted to open, it’s not allowed in the statewide order. But we are allowed to open florists, toy stores, bookstores, clothing stores and sporting goods stores for curbside pickup.”

Car-dealer showrooms will also be allowed to reopen on Friday. 

However, large retailers are still not allowed to reopen to the public under the new restrictions.

  1. I like that im sorr of getting beach back as pedestrian pathway by but i dont use the designated pedestrian pathway i use the waterline because nobody is there i dont stat within 50 feet of nearest person when i use beach as pedestrian at end of walk i sit near south side of pier on grass and meditate and/or do yoga while listening to chant music on Amazon
    Swimming is actually a safe activity for exercise but only if you actually know how to and maintain physical distancing while swimming im glad beach is sort of back but i use the waterline because the zen walk requires quiet and being away from others in silence or while chanting so on the 11th please dont give me any shit over this trying to just maintain some sense of calm and zen while people i know may or may not be dying around me can i have this much

  2. Why would you open beaches but you can’t swim?? This mayor can’t think for himself and stop following governor Newsom. What is wrong with this idiot. Please stop voting morons into office anymore. He is a follower not a leader. Stop wasting our first responders with this nonsense of keeping people 6’ apart. How about using them for real crime like all these packages that getting stolen from our neighbors porches. How is socializing with our friends, families and neighbors become a crime???? But we let rapists and thieves out of jail because of a virus they might get?? What the hell is going on with this state we live in!! REMEMBER THESE MORONS THAT RUINED OUR PAY, JOBS, BUSINESSES, ECONOMY AND VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE

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