Red Eye Media in Bixby Knolls selling masks, buying meals for health care workers with mask’s revenue

Masks and apparel from Red Eye Media help fund meals for local healthcare workers.

Red Eye Media in Bixby Knolls is selling masks to combat the spread of coronavirus, and using 70% of the proceeds to buy meals and supplies for local healthcare workers.

Jahaziel Romero of Red Eye Media designed a series of masks and apparel that relate to the local fight against the ongoing pandemic. Mottos on facemasks, shirts and sweaters include “Long Beach vs COVID 19” and “Forever Grateful,” the latter referring to the efforts of essential workers during the pandemic.

Masks are also available in a plain black polyester version, which comes in a pack of two for $15, and double layered white cotton face masks with adjustable straps sold at $20 for two.

While there is currently limited evidence on whether face coverings can help ‘flatten the curve,’ guidance by the City of Long Beach lists two reasons masks may help:

• Individuals can be contagious yet asymptomatic, covering the nose and mouth can limit the spread of COVID-19.

• Coverings lessen the likelihood that people will touch their face. Touching a surface contaminated with COVID-19 and then touching the face is one of the ways the virus is transmitted.

Combinations of Red Eye Media’s masks and apparel are also available, like a matching mask and t-shirt set for $20.

“The current designs were created by myself,” Romero said, “in an attempt to show support and help however we can with what we know how to do best.”

Red Eye Media specializes in screen printing and embroidering customers’ designs on apparel, as well as printing designs on promotional items like water bottles and wristbands.

The screen printing business has been contacting Long Beach health facilities to find out whether they’re in need of more supplies or a hot meal. While it can take three to four weeks for Red Eye Media to get supplies to them because of the current stress on the medical supply chain, meal delivery is a more immediate way of supporting healthcare workers.

“We want to be able to offer support right now to them, that is why we are doing the food donations,” Romero said. “It helps them and it also helps our local restaurants which we are supporting.”

The Hypertonicity Clinic and the Pediatric X-ray Department of Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach were the first to receive a breakfast delivery funded by Red Eye Media’s new line of merchandise on Wednesday, April 8.

Red Eye Media is also communicating with St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach to plan a meal delivery to their emergency room staff.

Red Eye Media is continuing to reach out to health care facilities, and local healthcare workers who need more medical supplies or would like a meal delivered for them and their coworkers should send a message to Red Eye Media on Facebook.

“Our mission has always been to help others with the resources we have,” Romero said.


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