Community Hospital of Long Beach is ready to open; awaits license

After postponing its reopening in late March, Community Hospital of Long Beach (CHLB) is one step closer to joining other hospitals in assisting COVID-19 patients.

In a press release, Molina, Wu, Network, LLC., the owner and operator of CHLB, stated that it is prepared to move forward in caring for patients during the pandemic.

“We started this endeavor two weeks ago at the state’s request. Governor Newsom has been clear on the urgent need to increase hospital capacity in response to the challenges caused by COVID-19. Community Hospital Long Beach is now ready to answer that call,” the press release said.

CHLB was scheduled to reopen on March 21, but postponed to finalize patient arrivals and ensure necessary staffing, equipment and medical supplies to guarantee safety and care, according to Brandon Dowling, spokesperson for CHLB/Molina, Wu, Network, LLC.

Since then, the City of Long Beach has helped CHLB hire 100 employees to keep the ICU’s 24/7 operation running.

The hospital’s homepage currently has a call for registered nurses.

Additionally, approximately $2 million in medical equipment and services has been purchased and community members have made donations of “crucial supplies and invaluable time,” according to the press release.

Before reopening, the next step for CHLB is to receive its licensing.

“We have accommodated all of the state’s requests and ask that the California Department of Public Health fulfill their commitment to licensing CHLB so that we can serve our patients and community when they need it most. We’ve risen to the challenge; it’s time to reopen Community Hospital,” the statement said.

As of publication time there’s no clear date for the reopening of the community hospital.

Receiving its license would be one of the last of many hurdles CHLB has gone through to reopen its doors for patients

CHLB closed in the summer of 2018 due to its inability to meet the state’s seismic compliance requirements.

The hospital’s clinical laboratory was licensed in late February by the California Department of Public Health and after the state’s approval of a seismic compliance extension, seismic retrofit plans are underway.


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