Bixby Knolls art studio Averyboo Arts invites community to decorate rocks for their front lawns

Arts studio Averyboo Arts in Bixby Knolls isn’t letting the coronavirus quarantine stump creativity. The art studio is inviting residents to draw on rocks and place them in the yard for folks walking the neighborhood with their families can see their neighbors’ creative takes.

The Bixby Knolls creativity center Averyboo Arts has started an art show that the whole neighborhood can participate in without leaving their lawns. The theme is “My Neighborhood Rocks!” and it encourages the community to decorate rocks and arrange them in front of their home.

Averyboo Arts is a creative space for children 2 to 12 years old that hosts art classes, camps and birthday parties. It was founded in 2009 by Natalie Meza and her son Avery.

Since the forced closures of non essential businesses to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Averyboo Arts quickly transitioned its classes to online.

“After dealing with immediate emergency needs to keep my business open, I wanted to focus attention on our community,” Meza told the Signal Tribune.

Averyboo Arts is giving away a limited number of starter packs that contain six rocks. Those who want to reserve one should email as soon as possible.

Averyboo Arts recommends using acrylic paints and permanent markers to decorate stones. Alternatively, crayons can be used to draw on heated stones.

These pieces of rock art will be visible to neighbors who are going on walks, one of the few activities that are still allowed under the current stay at home order.

To share their artwork with the community online, residents can photograph their rocks and post them on Facebook or Instagram.

“At this time it looks like we’re still going to be inside for a while,” Meza said, “and so, I thought, it would be fun to provide a new distraction that would allow the neighborhood to show off their creativity and give us all something new to discover on our walks! Anyone can participate, even outside of Bixby Knolls, simply tag your posted photos with #averyboorockart.”


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