‘There are likely more cases out there:’ Long Beach reports over 100 cases of COVID-19

In its daily email updates concerning coronavirus in Long Beach, officials reported that 106 cases, including those that have already recovered, have been recorded in the city as of Monday, March 30.

Included in the update email was a new line graph displaying the number of cases and dates from the month of March.

At first glance, the downward spike may seem like the city is seeing less and less cases, however, Kate Kuykendall, a press officer with the City’s Joint Information Center, said it is still too early to make definitive assumptions.

“It’s still too early to make any major conclusions from this limited data set,” she said. “We are starting to use this tool to inform the public about new cases.”

Statewide, the number of cases continues to increase. During a press conference Monday, Barbara Ferrer, head of LA County’s Department of Public Health, said 342 new cases were confirmed and warned that far more people are likely infected with the virus and just haven’t been counted yet.

This is echoed in Long Beach. Kuykendall stated that there are not enough test kits to properly test the local population.

“We know there are likely more cases out there,” she said.


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