SHPD to monitor social distancing compliance

The new Signal Hill Police Station received its first call shortly after the official telephone “switch-over” took place Tuesday morning at 10am. Receiving the call is Ariane Wright, one of the city’s dispatcher/jailers. According to Wright, the city receives between 50 and 100 emergency 911 calls a day.

The Signal Hill Police Department (SHPD) will be monitoring residents for social distancing compliance in public places such as parks and essential stores, according an SHPD press release on Wednesday, March 25.

The SHPD also encourages residents to only shop for essentials once a week, and not to buy more than what their family will use in a week.

The social distancing requirements set out by Los Angeles County’s Safer at Home health order mandates that individuals maintain six feet of distance when in public in order to slow the spread of coronavirus in the population. It also bans both public and private group gatherings.

The SHPD will still be open and fully operational during the Safer at Home order. When in the field, officers will follow guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control and the Los Angeles County Public Health Department, as well as utilize protective gear and sanitation equipment.

  1. I called the police to report a social gathering like 20 minutes ago and was told that social distancing is not being enforced. I took pictures of said gathering and am pissed off because we are all stuck inside our houses because of douche bags like these.

  2. We have several photos of the Signall Hill Police NOT wearing face mask, so how is it that they are enforcing ANY ORDER. We also have video of the signal hill police stating that they are WXEMPT from wearing mask. Witnessed a seargent taking off his mask and walking up to a citizen, jeopardizing there life possibly infecting the citizen. Signall Hill Police are tyrants and have a history of white supremacist attacks against African people. #RonSettles

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