28 Long Beach residents have coronavirus, Health Department will no longer update number of cases monitored

A total of 28 Long Beach residents have tested positive for coronavirus, with five patients having recovered already. However, one death has also occurred, according to a press release by the city.

Of the 28 Long Beach residents that have been infected with coronavirus, one of them is also a student at Cal State Long Beach. Another student at the university has also tested positive, but that student does not live in Long Beach.

The Long Beach Health and Human Services Department will no longer be reporting the total number of people being monitored with coronavirus, and the department will now be prioritizing cases involving high risk individuals, such as the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

  1. I think it’s important to continue reporting the number of cases to the community. It puts into numbers the sheer impact that the coronavirus is having on our community. It would be irresponsible to cease providing this information.

  2. The numbers are a moving target and very misleading already.

    Maybe the WHO and local agencies should just report what the numbers mean. e.g. Mortality rate, number of positive tests vs total number of people tested, etc.

    This is serious and we should practice social distancing/stay home. However, grasp the understanding we are only slowing it down (which is the point). Theres only so much we can do.

  3. Cases involving high risk individuals like the elderly or those with weakened immune system should of course be prioritized above all else. However, the community should have a right to know as well about the reported and monitored cases. People as it is are still not doing their best with isolating and social distancing as the numbers increase daily. Withholding that information might do more harm than good.

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