2 more people test positive for COVID-19, bringing total number up to 14


The latest coronavirus update from the City of Long Beach reports an increase in people positive with the coronavirus and an increase in the number of people currently being monitored.

Two more people have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total from 12 to 14. The number of people currently being monitored also increased from approximately 130 to 140 cases.

No more cases have been reported as recovered, leaving the total number of recoveries at 3, the same since the last update.

On Thursday, March 19, Governer Gavin Newsom issued an order for all Californians to stay home, marking the first mandatory restrictions for the state.

Just prior to Newsom’s announcement, the City of Long Beach Health and Human Services Department announced the City’s own “Safer at Home” order, asking nonessential businesses to close, residents to stay home, and limit gatherings taking place in a confined or enclosed spaces to 2 to 9 people.


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