Long Beach coronavirus cases jumps to 8, officials say


In its daily email informing the public of coronavirus COVID-19 updates, the City of Long Beach announced Tuesday, March 17, that there are now eight confirmed cases of the virus.

As of Monday, there were five cases of the virus. Now the City confirmed that three more tested positive, the total count is up to eight.

“Of the three new cases, two traveled to locations of known transmission and one case origin is still under investigation,” officials said.

The City said it is currently monitoring 110 people for the virus, and added that private laboratories are now also testing people for the virus. The number of people tested in those private laboratories was not disclosed.

On Monday, Mayor Robert Garcia and local health officials ordered the closure of bars, gyms, night clubs, breweries and wineries. Restaurants were asked to transition to other forms of service such as take-out orders and deliveries.

These precautions were taken as part of an ongoing effort to slow the spread on the virus.

The City urges people to practice social distancing, including avoiding crowds of people and keeping at least six feet of distance from others.
Residents of Long Beach should continue to practice preventive measures such as frequent hand washing, disinfecting high-touch surfaces regularly, staying home when sick, not touching one’s face with unwashed hands and covering one’s coughs and sneezes.

The City encourages everyone to put together a family action plan, including choosing a room in one’s house that can be used to separate sick household members from others; ensuring access to prescription and nonprescription medication, food and other essentials; and creating an emergency contact list of family, friends, neighbors, delivery services and other community resources.


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