Long Beach suspends parking street-sweeping tickets as families stay home during COVID-19 pandemic

A street sweeping sign in Long Beach.

[Editor’s note: A spokesperson for the Joint Information Center stated that only parking violations that would impede street weeping were waived.]

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia announced during a press briefing Monday, March 16 that officials would not give out tickets for parking violations in regards to street sweeping as the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve worldwide.

Authorities will not issue parking tickets for street-sweeping for one week starting this week.

“We don’t want people to wake up with misinformation to move their cars,” Garcia said.

The mayor urged that although ticket violations would be on pause, street sweeping is important to public health.

The City is working on a parking plan so street-sweeping crews can clear the gutters and remove debris.

Garcia said the city is expecting more rain this week and asked residents to move their cars.

This move follows a string of closures of facilities and venues following Governor Gavin Newsom’s guidelines where there could possibly be large gatherings including bars, nightclubs, gyms, fitness facilities and movie theaters.

Restaurants and other food locations where people gather to eat in the city are being urged to offer take-out and pick-up order options.

As of press time, there are currently 3,487 cases of Coronavirus in the U.S. total, 369 of those cases are in California with 5 of them being in Long Beach.

  1. seems like everybody didn’t get the memo because I live off of 4th and orange and we have two hour parking on each side and nowhere to park but I got a ticket for parking my car halfway into the fire lane I couldn’t find parking on March 18th at 6:08 a.m. so this is BS and I’ve been out of work from the coronavirus since the beginning of the month what do we do when we get a citation how do we rectify it these citations are $69 to start off with sincerely concerned citizen.

  2. Just spoke with a parking enforcement officer who was writing tickets on Broadway. She said they were only instructed to suspend issuing street sweeping tickets. They are still issuing tickets for all other parking violations.

  3. Why only one week? Culver City and other area cities have suspended the tickets for street sweeping 3-4 weeks while we are all ORDERED to stay home. This is no longer optional, we are now all at home until April 19. THAT is when these fines should be suspended through, NOT one week. But then again, Long Beach government only cares about money so, not surprising.

  4. This only covers street sweeping – of course being 1/2 into a fire zone should receive a ticket!! If your house where on fire would you not want the firemen to be able to get to you ?? Just think people and be grateful to have the problem of where to park your vehicle.

  5. I live at ocean blvd, downtown Long Beach,
    Somehow, most of us parked on the street got tickets. It is very frustrating.
    Maybe there was an error of communicating with it. Because it never happened like this before.

  6. I also received a parking ticket – there is no where to park my car in our neighborhood that is already strained from parking. Now that everyone is staying home I cannot move my car because there are no spaces and yet the city is still giving out tickets? Not fair at all!

  7. I have got 2 parking tickets in the last week, both for parking in a fire lane.
    First off, let me say that those are the easiests ticket to get dismissed. Whomever is writing those tickets is violating city code because to be a “fire lane”, the curb must be painted with white letters stating it is a fire lane. Just because it is red does not make it a fire lane. If you have received a ticket like the one I described, take a picture of the red curb without the “firelane” markings and submit it with your contest to dismiss it. Also, make a compliment to the city for the officer issuing these fraudulent tickets. I believe the painted curb must also be painted with the long beach seal in white. I was told that by LBPD. So if you get a ticket and the curb does not have the seal, it will be dismissed also. We need to stand up to the city of long beach for taking advantage of its citizens at a time where we are the weakest. We need to protest and riot in a civil way to be heard!

  8. I just woke up to a parking ticket that indicates street sweeping this morning! The funny thing is there is no street sweeping on Thursday’s only Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, so I’m definitely confused and annoyed. At the end of the day, with this virus going around, there are literally no parking spots as everyone stays home. How are you going to give tickets in a time when a lot of people are out of work. That’s complete bs, and shows that Long Beach does not give a damn about its residents. I already appealed that ticket because no way I’m paying for a parking ticket when there is never any available parking anyways! Long Beach has a historic parking problem, and instead and hmm I don’t know fixing it by creating actual lots for people living in complexes, they just rather give out tickets constantly. It’s just cruel and terrible really.

  9. I just received a parking ticket and i am very confused. I live on Atlantic and 8th where there is already very little parking. Now that the virus has everyone stuck at home , there is absolutely zero parking. How and why is the city of LB charging me for doing what they are telling me to do?!?! If i was at work my car would not there for me to get a ticket.

    “Parking outside lines” when i clearly was NOT outside the line.
    All these tickets should be voided until we can get back to our regular routine of leaving the house and going to work!

  10. Why is Long Beach still enforcing 2 hour parking? When Long Beach decided that gentrification would bring in more dollars as a resident I wanted to believe that somehow the issue with parking was a oversight.

    However, now i know better. But, during a National emergency where people are ordered to stay home why would the city still be enforcing 2 hour parking?

    I can only assume it is because parking tickets bring in an enormous amount of revenue. The city predicted there would be more issues with parking and decided to capitalize off the backs residents. Which means issues with parking was never an oversight but actually one of the plans to create more revenue. But who is the revenue for…


  11. I live on cherry and 17th I tried moving my car to a different side of the street since is sweeper day today, there’s nowhere to move it too. Everyone is home and it’s hard to “stay inside” when I have to drive around to random places for two hours till sweeper time is over.
    I’m basically force to be outside, I don’t feel safe its contradicting your rules

  12. I live off Broadway and Lime and parking here is ridiculous! I get off work at 1130pm and since I work all the at LAX I don’t get home till about 12:30am . finding parking at that time is so hard. I literally spend about 1-2hrs almost looking for parking. I just found a spot a block away but I’m scared I am going to get a ticket since street sweeping sign is for Wednesday from 5am-8am! It’s crazy they should extend the parking enforcement until this whole Covid-19 is done with!

  13. “[Editor’s note: A spokesperson for the Joint Information Center stated that only parking violation that would impede street weeping were waived.]”

    Wow. The editor needs a proofreader.

  14. Our Mayor has commented on the parking issue at most of his daily updates. My understanding was there were not going to be any parking tickets issued during this National emergency. How can you order people to stay home and not come up with a plan for parking all these cars. I am handicapped, but that doesn’t matter to our elected officials until reelection time. Maybe it’s time for a Mayor who cares.

  15. I have been moving my car every week for street sweeping, will I get a ticket if I just leave my car parked and not have to move it for street sweeping ? And how long is this in affect until ? There are no signs any where with the parking information about not getting ticketed. I’d rather not have to be outside moving my car every week if I don’t have to. Until this Virus is over.

    Thank you


  17. JUST send letters to every resident in Long Beach to let us know NO TICKETS Until further notice or broadcast on TV.. just a thought Thank You

  18. Yes I received a parking ticket , and yes it happened to be on a Saturday , I am an essential worker and I work at the Hospital . I leave for work every morning 5:55 am and its dark I should not have to walk a block or around the corner that early in morning. I park where I can on the main street to avoid what I just mentioned. The City mad a huge mistake with those bike lanes its totally ridiculous and whose ever idea it was they should be fired and the same for those writing tickets to people under Covid-19 stay at home orders. Because its the cities fault from the beginning in my case and many others . Long Beach you should be ashamed .

  19. I have a question. I live on 3 & alamitos theres is a big parking lot at the corner. I suffer a lot coming from work worrying about Parkin. I want to know who owned tha parki lot and have much they charge. Even that is sad to Parkin most of the time with less then 10 cars. Look at me looking for Parkin. I hope you can answer my questions.

  20. This notice LB sent out on no ticket parking till 18 May 2020 must have not reached the 80 year old ticket taker who gave me a ticket. I’m from out of state for a emergency here in California. Crap like this is the reason why I moved away. Tesla though about leaving this overpriced and broke state. As for LB, it’s so sad on what they mean is different from what they do!

  21. on may 19th i got a parking ticket.my neighbor told me that his wife was sent a e mail in regards to street sweeping on the 19th,i never received an e mail indicating such.so the city went out and gave a bunch of people street sweeping tickets..print this in bold letters…they gave me a ticket in the amount of 70.00 dollars i have gotten one before but the amount was 50.00 dollars when did these tickets go up in price…GOD forbid they share any information with the public.besides i sweep my side of the street twice every week. they should be paying me for sweeping the sidewalk in front of my house.we rent the house we live in maybe they sent an e mail to the owner.but again i was not advised that the city was going to be street sweeping .i think this unfair and unjust.

  22. I got a street sweeping ticket on 5/21/20. The no park says no parking between 8am – 10pm. My ticket was issued at 5:35am. Who’s the genius writing tickets. This ain’t right. It just ain’t right…

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