Long Beach Water suspends water shut offs to help residents keep hands washed

washing hands sink

To help all Long Beach residents continue to wash their hands, and therefore support public health in the face of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Long Beach Water will be suspending water shut offs.

“No one should fear losing their water service because they can’t pay a bill during this public health crisis,” Mayor Robert Garcia wrote in his email newsletter.

The suspension will continue for a length of time recommended by health and safety officials, according to a press release from the office of 8th District Councilmember Al Austin.

Coronavirus has no effect on Long Beach’s water supply, and will not interrupt water and sewer services in the city, according to the newsletter.

Because more water is expected to be used due to increased hand washing, the public is encouraged to save water by remembering to turn the faucet off when lathering hands with soap, take showers that last the length of one song and to turn off yard sprinklers after rain.

For more water saving tips click here.


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