Community Hospital foundation awards $200,000 check for hospital’s seismic retrofit

From left to right: Ray Burton, Chairman, CHLB Foundation Board of Directors; Steve Lopez, Principal with HKS Architects and Matthew Faulkner, Executive Director, CHLB Foundation

The Community Hospital Long Beach (CHLB) Foundation announced via a press release Tuesday, March 10 that a $262,180.40 check was awarded to HKS Architects–– a design firm–– last month as part of its agreement to retrofit Community Hospital following earthquake-damage concerns.

Kathy Berry, a CHLB consultant, told the Signal Tribune the foundation had agreed to pay a total of $1 million to help fund the retrofitting project. The $262,180.40 check was the first of those payments.

Community Hospital, located at 1720 Termino Ave., closed its doors to the public in July of 2018 after a fault line was detected beneath the building. Officials were concerned a potential earthquake would drastically damage the hospital.

After a series of public meetings and intervention from state and local officials, Community Hospital was able to collect funding and an operating company–– Molina, Wu, Network (MWN) LLC–– to reopen the hospital.

MWN LLC also announced via a press release Tuesday that in addition to receiving a necessary state license, the hospital is now hiring a management team, efforts have begun to restore the hospital’s historic exterior and seismic-retrofit plans are under development for the future expansion of the hospital.

“Though this has, at times, been a difficult and complicated process, we’ve made excellent progress on a very urgent timeline,” John Molina, partner at MWN, LLC, stated in the press release. “For nearly 100 years, this hospital has been part of the fabric of our city– it’s worth every bit of effort.”

The hospital is on track to be opened later this year, according to the MWN, LLC press release.


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