City of Long Beach declares local health and city emergency in response to coronavirus

Long Beach’s Health and Human Services department is monitoring the novel coronavirus and posting updates via its webpage

As concerns over the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) rises, the City of Long Beach responded to the disease by declaring a local health emergency and local emergency.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, March 4, officials announced the emergencies in order to strengthen preparations to the coronavirus.

“We are prepared and continue to plan to address any possible spread of the coronavirus,” Mayor Robert Garcia said in the press release. “We continue to take proactive measures that will protect, treat and care for our residents, especially those most vulnerable.”

The press release states that the declarations will allow the city to respond faster by mobilizing city resources, streamlining staffing and coordinate agencies across the city.

“While there are still no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the City of Long Beach, the global crisis continues to evolve on a daily basis,” City Health Officer Anissa Davis said. “We need to be ready and continue to increase preparedness efforts throughout the city.”

Even though the City is preparing for a possible outbreak, officials are not yet preparing to close any public facilities.

“No, we are not considering school closures or cancellations of events at this time,” Emily Holman, the Communicable Disease Controller for Long Beach, told the Signal Tribune in an e-mail. “However, we are planning for those situations in case it is warranted in the future, but we are not at that point.”

The press release stated that the City is closely monitoring the situation and urged any residents who traveled to affected areas to report any symptoms to the Health Department immediately.

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