Some Long Beach residents reportedly experiencing lengthy voting lines

Local residents voting on Super Tuesday at the Christian Life Church on 3400 Pacific Ave.

The March 3, 2020 election was the first one where Los Angeles County implemented its new touch-screen voting machines for those physically voting at the centers.

Also a novelty this election, the Voter’s Choice Act allowed for new 4-day and 11-day vote centers to make their debut this election.

The implementation of new technology and longer voting schedules was designed to make the voting process simple and hassle free.

As Super Tuesday heats up across the state, some Long Beach residents casting their ballots at one of the 34 voting centers have reportedly experienced long lines.

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia stated on Twitter that reports coming in showed residents were waiting in lengthy queues, but he urged voters to stay in line and “vote–– regardless of who you support. Make your voice and vote heard.”

Voters shared their experiences on social media.

Michele Stanton on Facebook wrote: “I waited in line for an hour at the Signal Hill library at around 10:30am. It seemed like there weren’t enough voting stations, only four stations. But I still voted!”

Sean Wallace on Twitter raised concerns about voter-address discrepancies and Tweeted: “My friend’s address was changed to West Covina even though he received a vote by mail ballot to his house in Long Beach. No connections to West Covina at all.”

Ultimately, some noted that the process was simple in other places, and quickly submitted their ballot amount of time.

Dan Minkoff tweeted: “Over an hour wait mid-afternoon at #ElDoradoPark. Couldn’t even get in the door to ask a question. Drove to @NewcombAcademy [and] no wait. At least [three] dozen machines, maybe 15 poll workers [and] about 10 voters. Definite imbalance with the new #voting system. #LongBeach #ElectionDay”

According to the Long Beach Clerk’s Office, official results won’t be made public until after 8pm. To follow live election results for Long Beach, click here.


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