Remembering local legend, Jenni Rivera at her Long Beach memorial

On what is the seventh anniversary of her death, fans can remember Long Beach legend, Jenni Rivera at the Jenni Rivera Memorial Park, located at 2001 Walnut Ave.

Rivera died after an plane crash claimed the life of her and six others after her concert in Monterrey, Mexico on Dec. 9, 2012.

The park is located on the corner of Walnut Ave. and Wesley Dr. and features a bike path and a recently finished playground.

Following the bike path, one will encounter the grand finale of the path, a 125-foot mural dedicated to the late, top-selling female Regional Mexican music artist and Long Beach native.

Starting from the left the mural reads “Mariposa de Barrio”, an homage to the songstress and her love of butterflies. A trail of monarch butterflies, representing Rivera, lead to one of three portraits of her in the mural, in this one she’s wearing a cap with a Long Beach logo on it, representing her roots. Rivera was born and raised in the Westside of Long Beach.

The mural then flows into images representing Mexican culture including, an indigenous Mexican dancer, a couple dancing folklorico, and mariachis performing, the monarch butterflies continuing to flow through.

Next appears the second portrait of Rivera, this time she is wearing one of her classic mariachi dresses she would wear during her many performances. Her dress transitions into waves splashing along the Long Beach shore, palm trees and The Queen Mary are in her backdrop, another tribute to her hometown.

This transitions into the last section of the mural, the last portrait where Rivera is holding a microphone in her hand, surrounded by a butterfly and a classic car.

Her memorial piece reads: “Jenni Rivera of Long Beach, Ca. July 2, 1969 – December 9, 2012. Jenni became a pregnant teen victim of domestic violence and eventually a single mother of five. She was expected to fail and give up. She persevered and fought for her children. Like a butterfly, her life was turned and she became the most acclaimed award winning singer television producer, author, and successful entrepreneur. Jenni, however, never forgot where she started. Her struggles became her inspiration and she never stopped dreaming that her success would one day help single mothers like her to never give up. She is the “Hood’s butterfly” / “Mariposa de barrio”. Her dream is now reality that inspires and help single mothers to persevere.”

The “Mariposa De Barrio” mural was created in 2015 by artists Sergio Ramirez and Rivera’s eldest son, Michael Rivera.

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