Event to use Signal Hill as case study of city influenced by oil

The Los Angeles Region Planning History Group will conduct a colloquium entitled “Black Gold in Paradise: The Influence of Oil and Energy on L.A.’s Urban Form” at the Signal Hill Community Center, 1780 E. Hill St. on Saturday, April 11 from 10am to 2pm. A continental breakfast and reception will take place at 9:30am, and a luncheon will be served later.
The discusson will focus on the history that oil has played in the region and the impact of political decisions on the “black gold.” The city of Signal Hill will be used as a case study of oil’s influence on a local community’s growth, identity and development.
The event will feature three speakers: Sarah S. Elkind, professor of history at San Diego State University, who focuses on environmental, California and public history; Kenneth Farfsing, Signal Hill city manager, who has more than 30 years of experience in planning, redevelopment and city management; and Nancy Quam-Wickham, history professor at Cal State Long Beach, whose research topics include environmental history and methods for teaching history.
The colloquium fee is $50 general admission and $35 for students. Fee includes breakfast and lunch. Call Alice Lepis at (818) 769-4179 or visit larphg.org .
Source: Historical Society of LB


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