Port awards 23 scholarships to local students

The Port of Long Beach presented six local high-school and 17 college students with scholarships totaling $58,150 on May 14, to assist them in studies aimed at careers related to world trade and goods transportation. The awards were made at a luncheon capping World Trade Week 2010.
The scholarships help young people obtain education and training to assist them in finding Port-related careers in fields ranging from business to environmental planning to diplomacy. With the latest scholarships, the Port since 1993 has awarded $334,650 to 223 students.
“At the Port of Long Beach, we’re dedicated to becoming the efficient, green, sustainable and productive ‘Port of the Future.’ And that includes preparing a new generation of bright and innovative leaders,” said Christopher Lytle, Port of Long Beach Deputy executive director, at the scholarship ceremony.
The Port’s scholars were in six categories:
• Long Beach Unified School District Port Scholars: David Huynh, Eileen Ung, Eric Chau, Victoria Zamora, Darrell Patterson and Samantha Liberman.
• California State University, Long Beach, International Business: Anthony Rodriguez, Celeste Ahl, Jessica Emonin, Matthew Hoover and Farzana Khanam.
• Woodrow Wilson Memorial Scholarships, Long Beach City College International Business: Julissa Angius, Christian Flores and David Hayter.
• Long Beach City College School of Trades & Industrial Technologies: Sergio Linares, Milton McGill and Tuutuuifo Leomiti.
• Global Logistics Specialist Professional Designation at CSULB: Ricardo Ortiz and Fahad Din.
• Master of Arts in Global Logistics at CSULB: Ebony Loeb, Felipe Sinohui, Lauren Roslanowick and Matthew Stramer.

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